Webinar Software For Your Webinars – Cost, Effectiveness and Efficiency

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Perhaps the biggest key to using a webinar as an effective lead-generating tool is that you must have the most powerful webinar software program to successfully engage audience members and deliver an optimal online experience. However, the problem is not finding the right webinar software. The biggest problem is figuring out which webinar software program works the best for your particular niche and business. After all, webinar leads are typically new customers. It’s important that they feel comfortable with the presentation (although it should be brief), that the presenter knows what they’re talking about, and that there is minimal or no technical jargon that the listener can’t understand.

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How To Use Webinar Softwares Efficiently And Effectively

In this article, we’ll examine some of the top webinar software programs available and discuss how they stack up to each other. Most marketers I spoke with had the same common goals: holding webinars that capture email addresses and convert them into sign-ups. The two primary techniques they used were: creating landing pages and giving away something free in return for the user’s email address. The real trick was getting visitors to join a list so that marketers could follow up with them regularly and make sure they were informed about future events.

  • Landing pages are web pages that are designed to lead prospects to a sales page. A typical example would be a “How to Make Money in 3 Easy Steps” webinar app from Wealthy Affiliate (notice that the webinar software is included free with the Wealthy Affiliate program). These webinar apps typically include links to sign-up pages for various affiliate programs. The idea is to entice participants to click on the link in hopes that someone will sign up for the promoted business. Some marketers who use webinar software have reported conversion rates of over 90%.
  • Another approach some marketers have taken is hosting multiple live sessions over a webinar software platform. At one point, during the event, a participant could log in and view previous webinar sessions, replay them, and select which ones to watch again. Each new session automatically downloads and plays to the participant like a video. Since most webinar software platforms allow users to select their background and screen sharing options, this technique can lead to a huge advantage when it comes to motivating new sign-ups.

Webinar Softwares Over WebCam

The second thing is that webinar platforms are usually more comprehensive than web conferencing software. Most of the webinar platforms come with many features including screen sharing, which can be a great help in various businesses. Webinar platforms also often include broadcast capabilities, which allow the webinar host to show presentation replays or video conference presentations. 

Those are the basic offerings, but sometimes additional features such as recording conversations or allowing participants to access PowerPoint presentations are included. If the webinar platforms are integrated with the online training solution, all participants will see the same presentation.

Webinar Software Cost

Finally, webinar software tends to be more expensive than web conferencing solutions. This is because webinar software tends to require better technical support and application development. Although most webinar software can be set up by a single person, it’s usually best to hire an event organizer to get everything done. For small and medium-sized businesses that may not be able to afford expensive webinar solutions, web conferencing may be their only option.


Overall, webinar platforms have become a useful tool for businesses to provide employees, clients, and customers with the opportunity to participate in virtual events from anywhere they have Internet access. Online training solutions provide an easy way to hold virtual meetings. However, those who want to do it right should consider using webinar software instead of web conferencing services. While there are several differences, in the end, both solutions deliver great results. With a little bit of practice, either solution can be used successfully for all types of events.


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