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The Lottery Sambad has been in operation in India for a long time with the aim of developing better population awareness among the masses. Although the Lottery Sambad has been introduced to civil society, still many people don’t know how it works. The Lottery Sambad is an international lottery, which is played on websites all over the World. 

Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad Result Today

The Lottery Sambad lottery results are released in west Bengal state on a weekly basis. It can take some time for players from different cities to read and understand the results. The newspaper, which releases the results is called the Bengal State Lottery Sambad. It is also published in the neighboring states of Bihar and Bengal. You can also check Lottery Sambad’s results today from the given link.

The newspaper, which publishes the results, is managed by a syndicate of entrepreneurs. This syndicate is entitled to decide all issues concerning the lottery. Initially, a list of candidates was prepared and then winners were selected. The Lottery Sambad newspaper today has changed into a weekly magazine. Today it has hundreds of syndicate members and they decide the fate of every player who plays in the game.

There are many issues which are discussed in the magazine which is a must-read for all. Some of the important issues are the latest trends that have come up in the game of Lottery Sambad and they are discussed in the entertaining format of the weekly magazine. You will also get to learn about the most popular lottery systems that have come up in the country and their advantages and other benefits which are gained by players.

Lottery Sambad Regions

The most popular lottery systems are the Kerala lottery system, the south Indian Mahabaleshwar, the eastern regionally known as the Hyderabadi lottery, and the southwestern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in India. All these systems are explained in the Sambad newspaper. Apart from this, there are many other interesting topics which are discussed in the weekly magazine. The most important issue which is covered in the magazine includes the recent trends that have come up in the game. The most popular trend is that of the south Indian Mahabaleshwarl which had won every week in the last decade.

You can find the details of all the winning numbers for the previous and the current week in the daily draw which takes place on the first Saturday of the month. 


Most of the newspapers which do not carry the online sites have their local offices which announce the first prize for the drawn numbers. The main office of the Bengal lottery is located in Kolkata and announces the main prize and other awards during the interval of two to four weeks after the drawing. There are other offices that announce the Bengal state lottery and Lottery Sambad 4 pm result online. There are also television and radio channels, which broadcast the number of drawings.


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