Impact Of Instagram Likes On Business

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The impact of social media is insane! The time we spend on social media sites and our reliance on it has made it a huge advertising medium. Influencers nowadays earn money only because of their large following, which provides a large reach.
The biggest influential social media app is probably Instagram. This platform has a crazy reach amongst its users, which has helped in advertising in recent times.
The more likes, comments and shares you get the more you expand your reach. Many business giants now prefer to advertise on Instagram as it attracts the audience of their type.
But all this, of course, comes at a price. To have a bigger following (if you are not famous) you have to buy Instagram likes, most Instagram influencers use the second one.

Likes and Comments

Likes and comments on a post usually indicate the minimum users to have seen the post. The more likes and comments on your post the more is your reach.

Usually, not all viewers like a post and hence the number of viewers are certainly more than the number of likes on a post.

On the dark side though not all viewers who like your post see your posts. Some usually like posts without actually seeing them but then these posts end up in their ‘posts you have liked’ so whenever they refer to that section of their account, they see the post.

But then all this takes a lot of time. Spreading the word, creating awareness, generating following all takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and thus budding influencers have now found a new way.

To accelerate the process many businesses have started to buy Instagram likes from third-party applications that sell likes and comments. They come at a price of course but they certainly expand the reach faster. Seeing a lot of likes on your posts can then encourage you to continue your work.

Generating Awareness

An increase in the number of likes usually means an increase in awareness. The biggest factor of a successful business is its advertising and the ways it seeks to gather attention all this can be done by generating awareness.

If you want your business to expand you need to tell more people about it. The latest way of doing this is posting on social networking sites like Instagram. If an account suppose has a lot instagram of likes, it’s probably because of its following.

Advertising your business on such accounts can gain you a lot of exposure. These posts can then be reposted in stories by other accounts, which generates greater awareness. Social media influencers might charge a good amount of money for their posts after all the efforts they put in to maintain their accounts.

The money though is definitely worth spending as it increases the reach of your business and helps you to expand it without actually you moving from your seat.

A greater number of likes also provide assurance to the viewer of the credibility of your business as it shows the number of people that have actually trusted your work.


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