GB Whatsapp Versions – How To Install Directly

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The GB Whatsapp mobile application was first launched a few months back and is one of the most sought-after applications for android handsets running on Jellybean operating systems. It is a clone of popular messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Gmail, and Yahoo chat. However, with few modifications, it has emerged as a unique application on android handsets catering to the specific needs of users.

GB Whatsapp Versions

There are two versions of GB Whatsapp: official and community-based. The former is sold as an APK from Google which you need to purchase to download the program while the latter comes free of cost. Download GB Whatsapp from the link here. It allows users to access their Google account using their smartphone via messaging services. It also provides facilities like sending and receiving emails as well as sending voice messages and sharing files.

In fact, you can use GB Whatsapp to share your personal details as well as your contacts with your friends in your social networking account like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. If you want to keep your privacy intact, you should always install GB Whatsapp on your android phone. Moreover, you can also use this application to hide GB Whatsapp history and other personal data of yours from public storage devices like USB drives, memory cards, PDA, etc. For this, you have to install GB Whatsapp on your smartphone.

Install GB Whatsapp

To install GB Whatsapp on your smartphone, you can click on the GB Whatsapp link. You will be directed to download the app directly.

Advanced Phone Manager on GB Whatsapp

This is a feature-packed Android app that enables you to manage your contact list, voice call list, and all important tasks related to sending and receiving calls from your phone. It shows you the complete information like the number of minutes left for a call, last seen time, etc. This is just one of the many remarkable features of the GB Whatsapp which comes free with your Google account.


So, if you think that this is just another application for you to manage your mobile device, then think again. It also comes free with your Google account so, don’t think again. Check it out now!


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